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I am interested in computers in many ways (games, their uses, programming and the internet). I wrote this site using FrontPage 2000 but I wrote one page in HTML which tries to explain the language. to visit it press here. I also have  a small game at the bottom of this page which I found on the JavaScript page which I think is a bit of fun.

    I am interested in programming my own games so if you can suggest any good programs to use or any websites to use, please tell me by using any of he methods at my Home.


A few of my favorite games and a few hints and tips for them

A small amateur game from 1991! I don't know any cheats but you can download it as a .zip file by pressing here.
A WW2 game made by another amateur games producer. There is a link to his homepage at my links page or you can download it from here.
Civilization 2
One of the only strategy games I know that truly masters the turn-based style. Tip-If you activate the cheats your score goes down, but if you use the cheats well, you can get your score back up!
The Sims
Very fun, play as a family, make them do what you want, kill them off, or lead them to fame! It is a must buy for any P.C. owner

Where is Bill Gates Hiding?

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