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This is the first page I have written in HTML, all my others I wrote using FrontPage 2000. I wrote this in Windows Notepad.

As I learn this programming language I would like to teach others as well, so I am going to place many of the most popular HTML tags on this page with descriptions to go with each and maybe a few examples too.


The language is made of 'formatting codes' that let you set up your pages however you want. The basic codes are called 'tags'. Tags come in two forms. They can be paired, which means you need two tags to complete it -- one to start and one to stop the formatting. They can also be unpaired, which means there is just one tag which formats anything that follows it.

To Begin and End the Page
Always use the tags <html> and </html> to begin and end your web page.
For Your Title
This will appear in the title bar at the top of your browser. Use the tags <title> and </title> to create it.
For a Header
Use the tags <head> and </head> at the start and finish of your header.
To Format text
Use the tags <b> and </b> to make text bold, use <i> and </i> to make text italic and use <u> and </u> to make text underlined.
To Insert Images
Use the tag (unpaired) <img src="image source">. T

(This button is made from JavaScript, which I am still learning to write in. I got it from Nic's JavaScript Page)

As I was writing this, I found one site very useful. It was called Homepage Help and gives lots of tips and tricks for HTML. I also had the help of a book called "Build A Website The Lazy Way, written by Kathryn Toyer and published by Macmillan Publishing.

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